The photographic image is magical, creates desires. Before the camera everyone has a chance to finally be what he wants. To recognize themselves in the image of himself he always wanted, each of us can once and for all “look alike”. On photographic film, all we can finally look like we feel, taking on the identity that we like at the moment. In Mimesis, Arianna tries to blend in with the drawn nature, only to learn more about those flowers, to become her own flower. She does not care to look at the background, he wants to understand, wants to hear. Thus begins a symbolic game where you need to blend in, not to look like something else but to become something else. The ambiguity, camouflage, disguise of the “true” identity, are nothing more than tactics, specific strategies to highlight and translate figuratively the difficult relationship between what ‘I’, that ‘I want to be’ and what ultimately ‘I would be’.